When Cynthia Kudji was 17, she decided she wanted to become a doctor. "Growing up, I saw that being a physician was a position of service, and I really valued that," she said. Her dreams were put on hold for a bit when her daughter Jasmine was born. Single mom Cynthia got her B.S. in Biology from Tulane and her M.S. in Nursing from Loyola University. After graduation, Cynthia worked as a nurse for 10 years. Her hard work and selflessness inspired her daughter Jasmine, who decided to follow in her mom's footsteps. Mother and daughter enrolled in medical school the same year, and even though they were miles apart, they helped each other through the rigorous and often exhausting curriculum. When they graduated, it was a joyous occasion for both. They were even more elated when they discovered that they had been placed at the same hospital together.

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