Yes, books have literally begun to fall out of the sky. This summer, 600 students in Virginia are in a delivery area where they receive library books via Google's Wing drone delivery service. The service, piloted in October 2019, is partnering with FedEx and Walgreens to deliver over-the-counter medicines to residents of the town of Christianburg. The service then partnered with local residents to deliver meals to people's homes, an offering that saw an increase in demand during lockdown. Google has been testing Wing since 2014, when the drones made their first test flights in Queensland Australia. This week marks the first week of deliveries to students, many for whom libraries are the only way to access books -- with e-readers or online shopping out of budget of some families. The book delivery service can help bridge that gap to ensure children continued access to books. An added bonus: They don't have to return the books until school starts!

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