Utah's Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen saw the news footage of violence during the Salt Lake City protests and noted how both officers and protestors had to be treated for heat exhaustion. Grateful that the protest in Logan City was peaceful, he decided to extend a gesture of solidarity. Wanting to use his position to support the protestors, he describes his thought process: "I thought: How simple would it be to go over right now and support these folks they have a message and it's an important one. I said, 'Let's go over and help them in trying to be well while they deliver their message. Let's be supportive and human.'" Chief Jensen and Assistant Police Chief Jeff Simmons hand-delivered ten large pizzas to the demonstrators along with a cooler filled with ice water, Gatorade and soft drinks. The officers spent about 15 minutes talking to the protestors and thanking them for holding a peaceful demonstration.

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