"My action was trying to clean up the city that raised me," remarked Diamond Jones. The 28 year-old decided to organize a different kind protest in South Los Angeles, just a few blocks from the epicenter of the 1992 Rodney King riots. The invite asked people to leave their signs at home and bring cleaning supplies instead. Thinking 50 people would come, hundreds turned up. "I'm here with my little man [son]. He came with me today because it's more peaceful, and to show him to give back to his community," said volunteer Shanan Cablayan. A few blocks away, volunteers walked to nearby Black-owned food trucks for lunch, supporting their local businesses. Jones treated everyone with $4,000 dollars that people donated for the effort, the surplus going to support local nonprofits. "We can protest, but in a peaceful way," she described. "Instead of looting and rioting, we're cleaning up the city."

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