When Kerry Anne and Michael Gordon postponed their May 26th wedding due to coronavirus, they never thought their micro-wedding would literally offer a symbol of love amid a national anti-racism movement. The couple planned their ceremony to have a "first look" at each other, prior to walking down the aisle. As Kerry Anne waited on the street for Michael's arrival, a crowd of protesters incidentally were coming down that very street. They soon rallied around her, cheering phrases like, "Congratulations!" "Have a wonderful wedding!" "We hope you both have a wonderful future together!" "You're beautiful!" She put her fist up and in that moment, Michael arrived. It really was "three major things happening at the same time. Knowing the history of our people in the country, about our ancestors, and thinking about any other movement that's ever been" said Kerry Anne. And in the thick of that, they were taking the step to love and support each other through life's journey.

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