This is the goal, Wahid Biryani, famous for their Awadhi cuisine in the capital of Uttar Pradesh, have in mind. For the first time in their 65-year old history, they have turned vegetarian for a noble cause to feed thousands of migrants passing through Lucknow on their way home amid the COVID-19 lockdown. The popular eatery has been feeding over 1,500 migrants every day for the past ten days. The platter includes all things vegetarian, from Navratan biryani, to veg kebabs, bun makkhan, biscuits, sharbat, and milk.Those who have small children, who cannot eat, milk is for them especially. We talk to the mothers to take it along with them, because it may be long before they get it again on their journey back home, Naushad Ali Quraishi of Wahid Biryani said.

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