Sit around a campfire long enough and you'll eventually hear tales about the Forge, an almost mythic building, where Yvon Chouinard made climbing pitons in the late 1960s. From this humble beginning, it has morphed into Patagonia's advanced R&D Center. After the company closed its doors on March 13th because of Covid-19, the it shifted gears, hoping to address the critical need for face masks. Designers began "crafting for a cause," using Patagonia fabric that was on hand to make the masks. Glen Morden, VP of production, innovation, materials and development said, "Right away we knew we wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the escalating pandemic. It's an all-volunteer effort, says Morden with pride. "We have over 40 employees who rotate in shifts. The team includes people from all over the company."

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