Every morning at 9AM, Harbans Singh and Surendar Singh, two volunteers from the Gurudwara Shri Singh Sabha in Kalu Sarai village meet Aslam Chaudhary at the nearby mosque. By that time, Aslam and friends have already brought out a bag of rice from the storeroom, started cutting vegetables and sorting masalas. They cook the food and then go out with necessary approvals to deliver it to the needy. It is usually 5 pm by the time they finish distributing the food and the team has to get back, wash the vessels and procure vegetables and rice for the next day. They say it is not possible to provide dinner, so they try to ensure that each lunch packet they distribute has enough calories to sustain people till the next day. "We are doing everything in our capacity", Aslam said. "What we are doing here is not very different from what we do in the langar", Harbans Singh, the langar supervisor who had come along with Surendar Singh, the cook, said. "It is gods grace and we will do seva, community service, as long as the lockdown continues."

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