125,000 birthday cards were sent to Capt. Tom Moore for his 100th birthday on April 30. He raised 30 million euros for protective gear for front-line workers by walking laps in his backyard.


A pony visits homes in London to spread some cheer.


In a tribute to Front-line Workers, Bryant Park in New York featured a Heart on Its Newly Seeded 1.1-acre lawn.

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Israelis protest while social distancing.

Corinna Kern / Reuters

Artist Rachel List reminding neighbors in Pontefract, U.K., that angels arrive in multiple forms.

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Hundreds of residents line up to collect groceries from a food bank in San Antonio (April 17th).

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Fort Myers, Fla., police organized patrol cars in the shape of a heart outside a local hospital, as a special tribute to healthcare workers.

Fort Myers Police Department

Police applaud NHS staffers at the entrance of the Royal Liverpool Hospital as part of the "Clap For Our Carers" Campaign.

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Social distancing has made all of us helpers.

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An essential worker in the health care industry greets his daughter through a closed window in New York.

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Dutch DJ Luc Sarneel surprises the grandparents of 23-year-old Djura, in the Netherlands.

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"Distant socializing" in times of social distancing

Aum Sathva ("caption by Sanjay Uncle")

A member of the Don Bosco Foundation delivers food from the Fraternitas Project, which serves vulnerable families in two of the poorest neighborhoods in Spain.

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A municipality worker in a protective suit feeds street cats at Sultanahmet Square, as the spread of Covid-19 continues in Istanbul.

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99-year-old Ermando Armelino Piveta, a Brazilian WWII veteran, salutes after being treated for Covid-19 and discharged.

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"Who do I want to be during Covid-19?": In his blog post entitled "Care connects us all," Brian Stout writes about this chart he included: "I love this graphic (I couldn’t find original attribution), but I would reframe the prompt to simply: 'Who do I w

Care connects us all.

Like priests in other countries, Tony Sarkis made sure his congregation could join him for Easter services at his cathedral near Sydney, Australia.

Photo by Sam Ruttyn

Australians Who Leave House Only to Take out Trash Have Started Dressing in Costumes to Do It

Teens in Auburn, Alabama, start a new trend: "air hugs" for passers by.

Alana Jordan, pictured. By Ensley Jordan.

French opera tenor Stephane Senechal performs from his window In Paris.

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Seen on the streets of New York: "What If Today We Were Just Grateful For Everything?"