'Nailed It!': Hidden Gift in a Park Bench in Sydney

Freelance writer Melissa Coburn writes poignantly about the day her son found a gift deliberately left at a Sydney, Australia, beach park. The box contained a ring and a little note that read, “Lockdown is hard! I hope this brings joy to you or someone you know. I’m not looking for publicity or acknowledgement, I just want to contribute to our community with this random act of kindness. Enjoy x.” Coburn researched the ring and learned a bit about its origin. She wrote, “It is beautiful. More beautiful, though, is the person who deliberately left it on a beach, motivated only by generosity and by the desire to give another person a pleasant surprise…. Thank you to that kind stranger for that most thoughtful gesture, wrapped up in a little box tied with a note. We got the messages just when we needed it.”