UPS Drivers Surprise Toddler with His Own Mini Delivery Truck

Young children often see, feel and engage in profound ways with the newness of everyday life unfolding around them. Adults, when they are able to be present with children from the fields of wonder, curiosity and gratitude they often generate, can be truly moved by the experience. Two-year-old Marco Elizondo in Chula Vista, Calif., noticed the UPS truck regularly driving by his home. His mother, after noticing his wonderment and appreciation for the big UPS truck and its driver, started taking him on her jogs as part of their morning routine to a nearby UPS facility where they would wave and greet the UPS drivers coming in and out of the facilities on their deliveries. "He was in the stroller and was, like, 'Wow!' His whole world came to life," said his mother Alcazar. The UPS drivers and workers at the facility took notice of their biggest fan and his mother and, in a gesture of gratitude and kindness, gifted Marco with a mini-size version of a UPS van equipped with a license plate that had his birthday numbers on it. “Now, Marco is having fun 'delivering' his own mini UPS boxes from his truck.”